Wythe Hotel Safety Protocol

(Covid-19 Guide)

From your arrival at Wythe Hotel to your departure, we want our guests to feel comfortable and confident in our standards and efforts to keep everyone healthy.  We would like to remind all guests that face coverings are required in the public spaces of Wythe Hotel. 

Arrival -  On the day of your check-in, our Front Desk will send an email or text with a link for contactless check-in.  This link allows you to enter your credit card information, take a photo of your ID for authentication, and e-sign our registration card.  When you arrive at the hotel, if you have completed our virtual check-in, you will just need to collect your sanitized room keys from the Front Desk.


Elevators - In order to observe social distancing standards set forth by the CDC and WHO, we ask that only one guest, or only one group traveling together, use a single elevator at a time.


Hallways- The ventilation in our hallways on the guest floors is 100% outside air.  There is no recycled air in our hallways.


Hotel Rooms-  All hotel rooms have dedicated HVAC systems with no shared ventilation.  


Check-out- There is no need to stop by the Front Desk to check-out.  We do ask that you email, call, or text us to let us know you have left.  We will email a copy of your folio within 24 hours of your departure date.

Protocol for Wythe Hotel Staff Members 


Our team has always been the heart and soul of Wythe Hotel’s hospitality.  Each one of us finds genuine joy in welcoming guests and creating memorable experiences.  Now more than ever, it is clear that we are all in this together.  For that reason, we would like to let you know what measures we are taking to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our staff and guests alike.


Training - While cleanliness and sanitation have always been important in the hospitality industry, we are now taking extra care to ensure the health and safety of all staff and guests.  For this reason, all staff members are required to complete a training program on our new protocol before returning to work inside the hotel.


Healthy Teams - Our staff members are required to stay home if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, high temperature, or they have reason to believe they have been exposed to the virus.  As an additional precaution, all staff members are required to have their temperature checked before starting a shift.  Any staff who have a temperature of 100.4F degrees will be sent home to rest. 


Hand-washing - Good hygiene and frequent hand-washing with soap is vital to combating the spread of the virus.  Wythe Hotel requires that all staff members wash their hands at least every 30 minutes for 20 seconds at a time with hot water and soap. In addition, we have hand sanitizing stations located throughout the building.


Masks -  All staff is required to wear a mask at ALL times inside the Hotel. We also require all guests to wear a mask in any public area of the hotel.


Front Desk Agents

As always, the front desk is the welcoming center of the hotel.  We encourage you to interact with our front desk agents via text, phone call, and email. You will find that the warm, friendly Brooklyn hospitality is alive and well with our front desk staff, even virtually.


Sanitization -  On top of frequent cleanings of the front desk work stations, front desk agents are also committed to sanitizing key cards and any other items that a guest may need to borrow from us.


Guest Check-In - Hotel guests will be able to check-in virtually just before their arrival.  In order to ensure a contact-free check-in, guests will be required to submit their credit card information through a secure digital authorization system.  Upon arrival, a front desk agent will ask to see an ID to confirm the stay and will place clean, sanitized keys on the desk for your hotel room.


Guest Interaction - We encourage hotel guests to call, text, or email for help with reservations, sightseeing recommendations, or for anything at all.  To honor the spirit of social distancing, we would like to minimize face-to-face interactions. 


Handling Guests’ Bags - Our Front Desk Agents and Hotel Porters will wear a fresh and clean pair of gloves in order to handle your bags safely.  We will also sanitize your baggage handles with disinfecting wipes.

Hotel Porters


Hotel Porters will frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces and door handles.  On top of requiring all staff members to wear masks, hotel porters will wear gloves and change their gloves frequently. 


Sanitizing - At least every 30 minutes and whenever hands are free, hotel porters will wipe down all door handles, elevator buttons, surfaces in the lobby, and lobby restroom surfaces. 


Handling Guests’ Bags - Only Hotel Porters will handle guest bags and will do so while wearing a fresh pair of gloves. Gloves will then be disposed of after handling. 

Guest Interaction - Queuing with 6ft between each guest will be our new normal.  Hotel porters may politely remind guests of our social distancing standards.



Our dedicated housekeeping team will play the biggest part in ensuring sanitation and health standards are surpassed.  Housekeepers will be required to wear gloves and to change them after cleaning every room.  Housekeepers are required to wear face masks at all times while in the hotel.


Rooms - Rooms will be cleaned and disinfected using medical-grade disinfectant on all surfaces.  Sapphire disinfectant spray is made by Santec and is an EPA registered disinfectant approved to kill COVID-19 on surfaces.  Special care will be placed on the bathroom fixtures, telephone in the room, desk area, safe, door handles, and remote control. In addition, all bedding and linen are commercially laundered at high temperatures to ensure linens are clean and safe.  


Stayover Service - All guests will be made aware of our housekeeping policy that stayover rooms will only be serviced every three days.  At the time of service, linens will be changed and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned with Sapphire disinfectant. 


Self Cleaning - If Hotel Guests do not want housekeeping service during their stay, we will also have the option for guests to clean their own rooms.  A questionnaire will be sent to guests prior to arrival asking for their preference.  Should a guest prefer the self-cleaning option, we will place the necessary items in the room before check-in.


Restaurant and Room Service

The safety of our guests and employees will be an extremely important component of the new Post COVID-19 F+B model.  Le Crocodile will be operating with updated protocols incorporating safety measures that focus on keeping our guests and our employees safe. In addition to the all-staff training and health requirements listed above, the restaurant has implemented new floor plans, capacity restrictions, and other CDC and NYS guidelines to ensure the health, safety, and peace of mind of our community:


Face Masks - All guests must be wearing a mask when not seated; parties will not be seated unless all guests are wearing a mask.


Social Distancing. -A distance of six feet must be maintained by all guests entering and waiting to enter the restaurant, when using the restroom, and at any other time while not seated. 


Hand Sanitizer - Please follow proper handwashing procedures and disinfecting guidelines, including hand sanitizer. Please ask a member of our team if you would like hand sanitizer for your table.


Air Quality – Filters in all HVAC units in the Hotel have been upgraded to MERV 13s. Additionally, the restaurant and all Private Dining Rooms are equipped with a HEPA filter Air Purifier that will clean all the air in each room several times per hour.